The following images are examples of some of the aquariums which we have installed.  Contact A World of Fish to find out what we can do to create beauty in your home or office.

This aquarium is a 1/2 cylinder acrylic system with all filtration located conveniently in the easily accessible cabinet underneath.  This aquarium is fully enclosed.

A World of Fish will work with contractors to create a custom application that will match with any decor.

Home and office aquariums create a peaceful and entertaining environment such as in this art gallery.
Our aquarium service division provides carefree maintenance for those who like to enjoy the beauty without all the work.
Acrylic aquariums in many different sizes and shapes are available.  Please contact A World of Fish to have us bid your custom application.
A World of Fish will help you experience the world of living art though an aquarium.
Bubble aquariums create an underwater experience right in your room.
Many businesses are using aquariums as a focal point in their establishments.  The beauty and intrigue of an aquarium teaming with life is irresistible.
Corner aquariums will create an accent that will make any room come alive.  They are available in a variety of sizes.
Experience the ocean right in your office.  Our specialty is working with contractors to create a "built in" custom appearance.
Our experts can set up saltwater invertebrate aquariums with an abundant array of live corals and polyps creating a fabulous display.