Emperor Angelfish
(Pomacanthus Imperator)

One of the most beautiful of all the saltwater angelfish. This fish should be kept singly as it will fight for territory with others of its own kind. It should be noted that this angelfish grows to quite a large size and should be housed in a larger aquarium of at least 75-125 gallons.

Aquarium Type:

Salt Water
Feeding: The Emperor Angel demands a large amount of plant material in it's diet. Freeze dried sheets of kelp can be utilized so that a continuous"grazing"on greens is accomplished. Other frozen foods often are well accepted. A good variety is important.
Special Care: The juvenile color pattern of this fish is totally different from the adult color pattern. It includes semicircular white patterns that change into linear yellow patterns in the adult form.
Average Size: Maximum length of 46 cm (18.1 inches)