Facts and Myths

We get questions all the time about what happens behind the scenes at A World of Fish.  This article will give you some interesting information about the retail store that you may not know from just walking in the door.

A World of Fish was established in 1974 as a small single room tropical fish store.  As the years passed by, A World of Fish expanded one room at a time until the entire building was fully occupied from floor to ceiling.  A World of Fish carries a large dry goods inventory of aquarium supplies in the lower level as well as in a back garage area.  Be sure to ask an employee if you don't see something you are looking for, because we just might have it in stock.  A World of Fish is always looking at new product lines to carry.  We annually send buyers to industry trade shows around the country to be sure we can continue to remain on the cutting edge of a constantly evolving aquarium hobby.

We are regularly asked how we obtain our livestock.  The tropical fish are shipped by air freight from around the country and world.  A World of Fish has a reputation in the industry as having the highest quality and selection of livestock.  Most of the fish at A World of Fish have been hand-picked to ensure the highest of quality.  This means that our customers are really getting the best of what the industry has to offer.  Quality care continues once the fish are in the store with daily attention given to check water conditions and to provide for dietary needs.  Our freshwater species are mostly kept in individual aquariums.  This allows us to have better control over the water chemistry in each aquarium and have the ability to isolate a stressed batch of fish until they are up to the high quality standard that we expect.  Keep in mind that if you see unhealthy fish in a centralized system, then all of the fish in the system have been exposed to the infection.  Our goal is for the customer to have healthy and disease-free fish for their home aquariums.

We look forward to caring for all of your aquarium needs with friendly, knowledgeable help.  Come see us today!