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July - August 2013


20% Off All Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

  • Feeder fish not included in offer.
  • Print this page and present in store for 20% off all freshwater and saltwater fish.

Brightwell Aquatics Supplements, Buy 3 Save 20%

  • Purchase three or more Brightwell Aquatics liquid or dry supplements or foods and save 20% on all items.
  • Brightwell Aquatics buffers, conditioners, vitamin & mineral supplements, foods and filter medias now in-stock.
  • 20% Off Brightwell Aquatics Supplements when you purchase 3 or more

Aqualight Lighting Fixtures from Coralife

  • All Aqualights with T-5 standard wattage lamps, T-5 high output lamps and power compact fluorescent lamps include.
  • Fixtures from 20” thru 48” available.
  • 30% Off Aqualight Fixtures from Coralife

Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Feeder from Hydor             

  • Battery operated automatic fish food feeder.
  • Feed 1, 2 or 3 times per day.
  • Holds about a 30 day supply of food.
  • Feeds flake, pellet or tablet foods.
  • 20% Off Ekomixo Feeders    

Koi Staple Pelleted Food from Hikari

  • An economical daily food for koi and other pond fish.
  • Provides complete and balanced nutrition to promote desirable growth and development.
  • Available in mini, medium and large pellet sizes.
  • 20% Off All Sizes of Koi Staple from Hikari

Malaysian Drift 20% Off Regular Price

  • All sizes of bulk Malaysian driftwood is 20% the $/lb price.
  • Malaysian driftwood is self-sinking, no need to attach slate to make this wood sink.
  • All natural wood products leach tannins which will discolor aquarium water and reduce pH levels. Keep in mind that these tannins can be beneficial to plant, discus and South American cichlid aquariums.
  • 20% Off Bulk Malaysian Driftwood

2Xtreme Led Light Fixtures from Reef Insane

  • 50% more LEDs per foot than most other brands.
  • Low-profile, black, anodized aluminum fixtures virtually disappear on dark rimmed aquariums.
  • Available in 12”, 24”, 36” & 48” lengths.
  • 20 & 60 watt ballasts drive up to 6 fixtures each.
  • Fixtures come in 3 colors: 12,000k Super White, 453nm blue and 50/50 blue white for both fresh and marine aquariums.
  • 30% Off 2Xtreme LED Light Fixtures from Reef  Insane

T-5 High Output Fluorescent Lamps from Coralife

  • Energy efficient, high output lamps provide significantly more light than conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • Available in Actinic Blue, 10,000K Daylight and 6,700K Daylight.
  • 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” lamps available.
  • 30% Off T-5 High Output Fluorescent Lamps from Coralife

Chemi-Pure Elite from Boyd Enterprises

  • Chemical filter media removes dissolved organics, tannins and toxic heavy metals from both fresh and salt water.
  • Keeps aquarium water crystal clear.
  • Elite formula removes phosphates and silicates from aquarium water.
  • Pre-packed in filter bag for ease of use.
  • Under normal aquarium conditions, media last 4 to 6 months.
  • 20% Off all sizes Chemi-Pure Elite

Carbonit-P Activated Carbon from Brightwell Aquatics

  • Premium grade activated carbon removes organic compounds from aquarium water.
  • Minimal pH impact. Low dust pellet is easy to use.
  • Will not leach phosphate into aquarium water.
  • 20% Off Carbonit-P from Brightwell Aquatics

Pelleted Fish Food from Xtreme Aquatic Foods

  • Made with only premium fresh ingredients.
  • Contains only natural color enhancers:  spirulina algae, marigold extract, cayenne pepper extract and paprika.
  • 100% hormone free, slow sinking pellet.
  • 20% Off Gallon Size Jugs of Xtreme Aquatic Foods only: Community PeeWee 80oz, Cichlid PeeWee 80oz, Big Fella 80oz, Monster 64oz & Marine PeeWee 80oz                    
    Save up to $16.00 per jug.

Frozen Mysis from Hikari

  • Hikari’s 3 step sterilization process guarantees food free of harmful bacteria, parasites and foul odors.
  • Large whole Mysis are readily accepted by all medium to large freshwater and marine fish.
  • Frozen mysis are highly nutritious and are an excellent color-enhancing food.
  • 20% Off Hikari Mysis in 3.5oz Cube Size



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