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September / October 2012


20% Off All Freshwater and Saltwater Fish
• Feeder fish not included in offer.
• Print this page and present at store for 20% off all freshwater and saltwater fish.

NPX Nitrate Reducing Kit from Two Little Fishies
• Do you have high nitrate levels in your reef aquarium? Do you want 0ppm nitrate in your reef aquarium? You need NPX Bioplastics from Two Little Fishies.
• When placed into the reverse-flow Phosban Reactor 150, also from Two Little Fishies, 200ml of NPX will slowly reduce nitrate levels in a 50 gallon aquarium to zero.
• Get everything you need with this kit: NPX Bioplastics 200ml, PhosBan Reactor 150, Reactor NPX screen, Quiet-One 1200 submersible pump and 2’ of flexible tubing.
• Just assemble components and hang on aquarium or sump. Nitrate eating bacteria quickly develop on the NPX beads.
• Give your fish and corals a healthier aquarium with NPX Bioplastics.
• 20% Off NPX Reactor Kit Regular Price $ 189.53 Sale Price $151.62 Save $37.91

Brightwell Aquatics Supplements, Buy 3 Save 20%
• Purchase three or more Brightwell Aquatics liquid or dry supplements or foods and save 20% on all items.
• Brightwell Aquatics buffers, conditioners, vitamin & mineral supplements, foods and filter medias now in-stock.
• 20% Off Brightwell Aquatics Supplements when you purchase 3 or more

Free Formula One & Formula Two Marine Pellets from Ocean Nutrition
• Soft and highly palatable pelleted food for all you marine fish.
• Formula One pellet contains high levels of protein for meat eating fish.
• Along with protein, Formula Two also contains high levels of kelp and spirulina for plant eating fish.
• Both foods also include garlic as a natural appetite stimulant.
• Nitrogen packed to maintain freshness.
• Buy one 100 gram Formula One or Formula Two and receive a second jar FREE!

Pro Test Kit from Red Sea
• Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate and Phosphate Pro test kits available.
• Accurately measures all levels.
• Easy to use, single hand, high precision titrator or colorimetric wheel included.
• Each kit performs 75 to 100 tests.
• 20% Off All Pro Test Kits from Red Sea Save up to $11.20

Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Feeder from Hydor
• Battery operated automatic fish food feeder.
• Feed 1, 2 or 3 times per day.
• Holds about a 30 day supply of food.
• Feeds flake, pellet or tablet foods.
• 30% Off Ekomixo Feeders Sale Price $37.99 Save $16.20

Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari
• Promotes beautiful and natural coloration.
• Contains silkworm pupa and krill, natural appetite stimulants.
• Slow sinking pellet will not negatively impact blue colors.
• 40% Off Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari Regular price $18.99 Sale price $11.39 Save $7.60

LED Flexible Strip Lights from Hamilton Technology
• Moonlight blue and brilliant white LED flexible strip lights come in three convenient sizes: 20”, 32” & 44”.
• Easily add extra light and shimmer to your aquarium with the brilliant white strips.
• Give your corals an extra pop of color and view your aquarium at night with the moonlight blue strips.
• Lights include transformer, 12 foot power cord and mounting tape.
• 40% Off Flexible LED Strip Lights from Hamilton Technology

Malaysian Drift 20% Off Regular Price
• All sizes of bulk Malaysian driftwood is 20% off the price per pound.
• Malaysian driftwood is self-sinking, no need to attach slate to make this wood sink.
• All natural wood products leach tannins which will discolor aquarium water and reduce pH levels. Keep in mind that these tannins can be beneficial to plant, discus and South American cichlid aquariums.
• 20% Off Bulk Malaysian Driftwood

All Marineland Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Light Fixtures 20% OFF
• All Penguin & Maxijet powerheads, Biowheel filters & canister filters, submersible heaters and LED light fixtures on sale.
• 20% all Pumps, Filters, Heaters and Light Fixtures from Marineland

Reef Code A & Reef Code B from Brightwell Aquatics
• A balanced calcium and alkalinity system for all marine fish and reef aquaria.
• Maintains calcium levels at natural ocean levels.
• Two part system is easy to dose.
• Available in 250ml, 500ml and 2L bottles
• 25% Reef Code A & Reef Code B from Brightwell Aquatics Save up to $6.25

Pro-Scrapers from Kent Marine
• Clean algae from glass and acrylic surfaces
• Flexible scrapers range from 4” to 35” in length and are made of break-resistant ABS plastic and glass fiber rods.
• Interchangeable plastic and stainless steel blades for acrylic and glass aquariums available.
• 40% off Pro*Scrapers from Kent Marine




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