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June / July 2012


20% Off All Freshwater and Saltwater Fish
• Feeder fish not included in offer.
• Print this page and present at store for 20% off all freshwater and saltwater fish.

Brightwell Aquatics Supplements, Buy 3 Save 20%
• Purchase three or more Brightwell Aquatics liquid or dry supplements or foods and save 20% on all items.
• Brightwell Aquatics buffers, conditioners, vitamin & mineral supplements, foods and filter medias now in-stock.
• 20% Off Brightwell Aquatics Supplements when you purchase 3 or more

Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Feeder from Hydor
• Battery operated automatic fish food feeder.
• Feed 1, 2 or 3 times per day.
• Holds about a 30 day supply of food.
• Feeds flake, pellet or tablet foods.
• 30% Off Ekomixo Feeders Sale Price $37.99 Save $16.20

Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari
• Promotes beautiful and natural coloration.
• Contains silkworm pupa and krill, natural appetite stimulants.
• Slow sinking pellet will not negatively impact blue colors.
• 30% Off Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari Sale price $13.29 Save $5.70

No Spill Clean and Fill from Python
• The original water changer and gravel cleaner. Never haul another bucket of water.
• Drain and fill your aquarium directly from your sink.
• Non-electrical, operates on your faucet’s water pressure.
• Made in the USA.
• 20% Off No Spill Clean and Fill from Python

Koi Gold Pelleted Food from Hikari
• A superior daily diet for Koi and other pond fish.
• Provides high levels of carotenoids to promote color enhancement.
• Enriched with vitamins and minerals, including stabilized vitamin C, to promote disease resistance.
• Available in mini, medium and large pellet sizes.
• 20% Off All Sizes of Koi Gold from Hikari

Hydrokable Substrate Heater from Hydor
• Provide even heating to the substrate of planted aquariums.
• Keeps plant’s roots warm.
• Creates a slow circulation of water through the aquarium’s substrate.
• Available in 25W, 50W, 75W and 100W
• 30% Off All Sizes of Hydrokable Heaters from Hydor

Hydroset Controller for Hydrokables from Hydor
• Control substrate heaters in fish aquariums or terrariums.
• Better control with separate temperature sensing probe.
• Controls up to 300W of heating cable.
• Indicator light show when cables are heating.
• 30% Off Hydroset Controller from Hydor

Calcium Pro Test Kit from Red Sea
• Accurately measures calcium levels to within 5ppm.
• Easy to use, single hand, high precision titrator included.
• Perform up to 75 tests.
• 40% Off Calcium Pro Test Kit from Red Sea

FlorinMulti Plant Supplement from Brightwell Aquatics
• Provides 14 elements critical to long-term health, growth and coloration of aquatic plants.
• Formulated for use by beginners as well as advanced hobbyists.
• Highly concentrated. Use only 1 teaspoon per 50 gallons once per week.
• 25% Off FlorinMulti from Brightwell Aquatics Save up to $4.00

Florin-FE Plant Supplement from Brightwell Aquatics
• Provides both ferrous and ferric iron sources to maximize benefit to plants.
• Delivers iron both immediately and time released to aquarium plants.
• If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow you need Florin-FE.
• 25% Off Florin-FE from Brightwell Aquatics Save up to $4.00

Florin-K Plant Supplement from Brightwell Aquatics
• Concentrated source of high-purity potassium.
• Potassium is required for enzyme activation in biochemical reactions.
• Highly concentrated. Use only 1tsp per 50 gallons once per week.
• 25% Off Florin-K from Brightwell Aquatics Save up to $4.00




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