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March / April 2012


20% Off All Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

  • Feeder fish not included in offer.
  • Print this page and present at store for 20% off all freshwater and saltwater fish.

Brightwell Aquatics Supplements, Buy 3 Save 20%

  • Purchase three or more Brightwell Aquatics liquid or dry supplements or foods and save 20% on all items.
  • Brightwell Aquatics buffers, conditioners, vitamin & mineral supplements, foods and filter medias now in-stock.
  • 20% Off Brightwell Aquatics Supplements when you purchase 3 or more

LED Flexible Strip Lights from Hamilton Technology

  • Moonlight blue and brilliant white LED flexible strip lights come in three convenient sizes: 20”, 32” & 44”.
  • Easily add extra light and shimmer to your aquarium with the brilliant white strips.
  • Give your corals an extra pop of color and view your aquarium at night with the moonlight blue strips.
  • Lights include transformer, 12 foot power cord and mounting tape.
  • 20% Off Flexible LED Strip Lights from Hamilton Technology

Frozen Fish Foods from H2OLife

  • High quality and nutritious food for all of your aquarium fish.
  • Bloodworms, formulated foods, fresh krill, mussels on the half shell, scallops on the half shell and more available.
  • Great for freshwater and marine fish.
  • 50% Off All Frozen Fish Food from H2O Life

Quiet One Pumps from Lifegard Aquatics, Selected Models Only

  • Discount applies to models 800 and 1200 in pale blue and white boxes only.
  • Outputs are 220GPH and 296GPH, respectively.
  • Quiet operating pumps suitable for submersible and dry applications.
  • Pumps are good for in-tank circulation, returning water from sumps or for use in fountains.
  • 40% Off Selected Lifegard Aquatic Quiet One Pumps

Pro-Scrapers from Kent Marine

  • Clean algae from glass and acrylic surfaces
  • Flexible scrapers range from 4” to 35” in length and are made of break-resistant ABS plastic and glass fiber rods.
  • Interchangeable plastic and stainless steel blades available.
  • 30% off Pro*Scrapers from Kent Marine

Ario Color 4 Blue and Green from Hydor

  • Small air generator easily mounts in aquarium substrate producing a rising column of bubbles.
  • Blue or green LED lights illuminate bubbles.
  • Works in aquariums up to 20” deep.
  • 50% Off Ario Color 4 Blue and Green  Reg. $53.99  Sale $27.00  Save $27.00

Koralia Nano 240, Nano 425 & Evo 550, Evo 750, Evo 1050, Evo 1400 Circulation Pumps from Hydor

  • Create additional circulation in reef or fish aquariums.
  • High performance, low energy consumption
  • Pumps 240 GPH to 1400 GPH on 3.5W to 6W, respectively
  • Magnetically mounts to aquarium glass for easy placement.
  • 20% Off Koralia Nano 240, Nano 425 & Evo 550, Evo 750, Evo 1050 &     Evo 1400 Circulation Pumps

Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari

  • Promotes beautiful and natural coloration.
  • Contains silkworm pupa and krill, natural appetite stimulants.
  • Slow sinking pellet will not negatively impact blue colors.
  • 20% Off Discus Bio-Gold from Hikari

No Spill Clean and Fill from Python

  • The original water changer and gravel cleaner. Never haul another bucket.
  • Non-electrical, operates on your faucets water pressure.
  • Drain and fill your aquarium.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 20% Off No Spill Clean and Fill from Python   

Ista CO2 Equipment for Planted Aquarium

  • Everything you need to supplement your aquarium with CO2.
  • Complete CO2 systems with refillable and disposable CO2 canisters
  • Regulators, diffusers, bubble counters, check valves and more
  • Quality equipments at already low prices.
  • 20% Off Ista CO2   Equipment for Planted Aquariums

Kent Marine Liquid and Dry Supplements

  • Limited to on-hand quantities.
  • Includes buffers, conditioners, supplements and filter media.
  • 50% Off all Kent Marine Supplements





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