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September / October 2011

Special Announcement!

To better service our reef aquarium customers A World of Fish is installing a 10 foot long coral tank. The 350 gallon system will be for displaying and selling large coral heads as well as smaller, less expensive “frags.” The aquarium will be illuminated by three high output LED fixtures from Unique LED Lightning. Planning and construction of this system have been underway for almost a year. We hope to have the aquarium up and running by the end of September. Please visit our Facebook page at!/pages/A-World-of-Fish/103983816305440  to view the aquarium



75 Gallon Aquarium from Perfecto for only $75.00

  • Limited to quantity on hand.
  • No sales to dealers.
  • $75 for Perfecto 75 gallon aquarium. Regular Price $174.99        Save 100.00.


Artificial Aquarium Plants

  • All silk and plastic plants on sale.
  • Add some color and hiding places to your aquarium.
  • 20% Off All Silk and Plastic Aquarium Plants


Goldfish Pelleted Food from Hikari

  • Goldfish Staple is a balanced daily diet for all types of goldfish, rich in plant matter and offering excellent growth.
  • Goldfish Gold is a powerful color enhancing, daily diet for all types of goldfish. It offers growth and superb taste.
  • Hikari Lionhead is specially formulated to promote head development and superior color enhancement.
  • 20% Off Goldfish Staple, Goldfish Gold & Lionhead from Hikari


Frozen Fish Foods from H2OLife

  • High quality and nutritious food for all of your aquarium fish.
  • Bloodworms, formulated foods, fresh krill, mussels on the half shell, oyster eggs, scallops on the half shell and more available.
  • Great for freshwater and marine fish.
  • 30% Off All Frozen Fish Food from H2O Life


Red Sea Pro Aquarium Test Kits

  • All Pro kits include advanced colorimetric comparators or one-handed titrators for easier use.
  • Kits for alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, nitrate and phosphate available.
  • 20% Off All Red Sea Pro Aquarium Test Kits


R/O Right from Kent Marine

  • Returns natural water chemistry to reverse-osmosis, distilled and de-ionized water without adding unwanted pollutants.
  • Use with all types of freshwater fish to adjust general hardness (GH).
  • Available in 250g, 500g & 1000g sizes.
  • 20% off all sizes of R/O Right          Save up to $9.00


Quiet One Pumps from Lifegard Aquatics, Selected Models Only

  • Quiet operating pumps suitable for submersible and dry applications.
  • Outputs range from 220GPH to 3624GPH.
  • Pumps are equipped with male pipe thread inlet and outlet. Hose barb adapters supplied in the box.
  • Discount applies to model 800, 1200, 2200, 4000, 5000, 9000 & 14000 in pale blue and white boxes only.
  • 40% Off Selected Lifegard Aquatic Quiet One Pumps


Ario Color 4 Blue and Green from Hydor

  • Small air generator easily mounts in aquarium substrate producing a rising column of bubbles.
  • Blue or green LED lights illuminate bubbles.
  • Works in aquariums up to 20” deep.
  • 40% Off Ario Color 4 Blue and Green  Reg. $50.99  Sale $30.59  Save $20.40


Aqua Color Green and Multi from Hydor

  • Compact 4 LED light fixture adds colored light from within or above your aquarium.
  • Low voltage light uses only 3 watts.
  • Easy suction cup mount.
  • 40% Off Aqua Color Green   Reg. $32.99  Sale $19.79  Save $13.20      


Pro-Scrapers from Kent Marine

  • Clean algae from glass and acrylic surfaces
  • Flexible scrapers range from 4” to 35” in length and are made of break-resistant ABS plastic and glass fiber rods.
  • Interchangeable plastic and stainless steel blades available.
  • 20% off Pro*Scrapers from Kent Marine


Coralife Fluorescent lamps

  • All standard wattage T-5, T-8 and T-12 lamps
  • All high output T-5 lamps
  • All power compact fluorescent lamps
  • 20% Off All Lamps from Coralife






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