Acclimating Your Fish
It is as easy as one, two, three

1. The first step is to float the sealed bag for 15 minutes.

  • It is recommended that you turn your lights off especially if the heat given off by the lights may effect the bag.
  • The bag should remain sealed to retain the oxygen that was added at the time of purchase.
  • If the floating bags will overflow your aquarium remove some of the water prior to floating the bags.  Save some water to replace when done acclimating your fish.

2. Open the bag and add a small amount of aquarium water to the bag, let sit five minutes and repeat this process 2 to 3 times.

  • When adding the aquarium water to the bag approximately an amount equal to 1/4 the total amount of water in the bag. (e.g. if the bag has 1 cup of water in it add approximately a quarter cup of aquarium water each time you add water)

3. Finally let the fish go into the aquarium.

  • It is a good idea not to add the water from the fish bad to the aquarium.  The water in the bag may be fouled by fish waste produced in the bag.
  • The fish may be gently poured into a net over a bucket and put into the aquarium immediately.
  • It should be noted that some fish have fins and gill plates that may become caught in the netting material.  If the fish becomes caught in the net it is typically recommended to cut the net so the fish is released.  The netting will typically come off over some time in the aquarium. 


Tips for adding new fish:

A. It is important to make sure the water in your aquarium has the proper water chemistry for the fish you are purchasing.

B. It is strongly recommended to go straight home after purchasing fish.  Extended delays can cause excessive temperature changes in the bag for the fish.

C. If stops are made on the way home remember how rapidly temperatures can change in a car and plan appropriately.  Bring fish inside with you. 

D. Keep frozen foods away from the bag on the way home.  Frozen food can chill the fish.   

E. Leave the fish in the paper bag on the way home.  Bright light on the way home can cause additional stress on a newly purchased fish.

F. Proper acclimation of your fish is a critical step to help ensure your new fish adapts to your aquarium. 

G. If your established fish are aggressive to your newly added fish you can:  leave the lights out, rearrange the decorations in the aquarium, add/lightly feed the tank to distract the established fish. 

H. Monitor the water chemistry and the fish in your aquarium closely the first week after adding new fish.

I. It is common for newly added fish to take a few days to start eating normally.  

J. If you have any questions about your fish or aquarium, call or stop by A World Of Fish, the sooner you address any potential problem the easier it is to correct.