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America's All-Star Fish Stores

If you have a lay over flying through Minneapolis, you should have time to check out A World Of Fish as it is only minutes from the Minneapolis-St.Paul Intn'l Airport.  A World of Fish is not your "bread-and-butter" store and their selection of rare, exotic marine and unusual tropical specimens are indicative of this fact.  Their years of experience help make them the leader in the Minneapolis market.

America's All-Star Fish Stores (complied by hobbyists)
Rainbow Enterprises, Austin, Texas
Armstrong Printing Austin, Texas
Copyright 1991

Mpls St.Paul Magazine - The Best of the Twin Cities
December 1994

Best Tropical-Fish Store

One tank holds purple tangs from the Red Sea.  Another displays sharks.   Another reveals cliffs of live rock, a mesmerizing variety of corals, sponges, and underwater mushrooms.  The vast array of fish comes from all over the world, but that's not the only benefit of shopping here.  Staffed by expert fish enthusiasts, the store is dedicated to education.  For $5 per year, A World Of Fish Club members (there are thousands) receive newsletters and discounts and can attend seminars on a variety of topics.

Richfield Sun - Current
Wednesday, January 18th, 1995

Richfield's 'A World Of Fish' named
Best in the Twin Cities

by Kari Ruth
Staff Writer

Minnesota may have 10,000 lakes, but the catch of the year is on Richfield soil. 

A World Of Fish, located at 1516 E. 66th St., has earned local and national recognition over the years for its selection of tropical and marine fish.

Named Best Fish Store by Minneapolis/St.Paul magazine, the modest-looking shop houses some serious oddballs. 

Customers can marvel at the fish with an elephant-like nose, buy one that matches a paisley shirt or watch the temperamental Clown Loach stand on its head. 

From the beginner to the devoted hobbyist, customers get a sampling of fish from around the world.

"You can own a part of the reef in Minnesota," is an expression owner and president Ted LeVin enjoys using to describe his store.

"Over the years, we have worked to develop a wealth of suppliers," LeVin said.  "We have people around the world hand picking our fish to get the best selection. 

The fish travel to Richfield from Japan, South America, Africa, and even a few lakes in Minnesota. 

Freshwater fish are a favorite with the average customer, while some of the saltwater fish appeal to the intermediate to expert hobbyists, LeVin said.  Even anglers can find a hearty muskie or catfish to take home - minus the struggle.

Keeping up with the latest underwater trends, A World Of Fish also sells living rocks and plants for salt-water aquariums.

"The rocks reproduce themselves," LeVin said.  "It's the latest in the hobby and is a nice addition to a tank with the fish."

One eye catcher is the living coral that looks like a brain.  Hence, its name: brain coral.

Other wonders in the store include sea anemones, serpent starfish, over-sized goldfish, and small sharks.

Starting with only a few tanks of not-so-exotic fish in 1974, LeVin has watched his company grow into a specialized business venture that also includes a wholesale and commercial service division.

The wholesale department sells food and equipment product lines to other businesses and has the market on African cichlids, found in two lakes in Africa, LeVin said.

Just as some of the company's fish are peculiar, so are a few of its customers.

One customer had a 3,000-gallon cylindrical aquarium serviced by A World Of Fish.   Running from the first to the second floor ceiling, the company's aquarium service employees don diving equipment in order to clean the bottom of the tank, LeVin said.

"We are a highly specialized shop," LeVin said.  "We try to give the best, accurate and knowledgeable information as possible.  If people have success with their own tanks at home, we'll be successful."

As a result of the store's specialization, hobbyists voted it as one of the best fish stores in the country, LeVin said.

A World Of Fish also offers a club membership, which includes thousands of people from around the five-state area, LeVin said.

"We run on honesty," LeVin said. "We do what we can to give people the best. We pursue excellence."